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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use a Tulikivi as a primary heat source?

Yes, in most cases depending on the size, location, and installation of your house. An electric backup option is available to ensure failsafe heat in all weather conditions. A Tulikivi also works extremely well as a secondary heat supply, which can be a great comfort during power outages caused by severe weather.

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Can I put a Tulikivi in any room?

Yes. The broad range of sizes and models makes it possible to use a Tulikivi almost anywhere - from an open floor plan to a small enclosed room, such as a cozy den. We can help you choose the right fireplace for your needs.

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Can I use a Tulikivi in an air-tight house?

Yes. New, very tightly sealed houses may require an inlet for outside "make up" air. This can easily be done with an inexpensive vent.

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Is a Tulikivi safe for my family?

Extremely. Soapstone gets warm in normal use - but never dangerously hot as does a cast-iron woodstove. Scientific studies show radiant heat to be among the healthiest forms available. All Tulikivi fireplaces and products meet Underwriter's Laboratory (UL/ULC) standards.

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Do I need special wood?

No. Unlike many other wood-burning heating devices, the Tulikivi is not finicky. Any seasoned wood will burn well. Logs should be 12" - 16" long and a maximum of four inches in diameter.

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Is a Tulikivi easy to install?

Yes. In a properly prepared site, we can build your fireplace in two to four days. In addition, the installation process is remarkably clean and hassle-free.

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Is a Tulikivi difficult to clean?

No. Because the fire burns so clean, soot and creosote are rarely a problem, and the high heat of the fire burns bakeoven spills away. Fly ash does build up, but is easy to brush out. As with any fireplace, you should have your chimney professionally cleaned once a year.

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Is it easy to cook in Tulikivi cookstoves and bakeovens?

Yes. Cooking with radiant heat is a wonderful experience. Anything you can cook in a conventional oven can be cooked in a Tulikivi oven. With a little practice you will learn to regulate the temperature indicated on the temperature gauge by controlling the amount of wood you use. You will be turning out delicious meals you never thought possible.

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