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01 - Soapstone Fireplaces
In both the city and the countryside, Tulikivi fireplaces are always in fashion. Personal choices are, of course, always affected by one’s own preferences and tastes in interior decoration. This is why we provide a wide range of interior design solutions. And every one of our Tulikivi fireplaces fulfills the requirements of the strictest emission norms in the world.
02 - Soapstone Bake Ovens
Tulikivi’s unique fireplace bakeoven combinations allow for unsurpassed flexibility in meeting your baking and heating needs. The patented combination design employs two fireboxes each with different operational characteristics and purposes. The lower and larger firebox (fireplace) is designed primarily to heat living space. Its large size maximizes the amount of wood that can be burned at one time and more readily provides heat to the living space when needed. At the same time it will heat the upper firebox (bakeoven) to warming oven or slow cooking temperatures.
03 - Soapstone Cookstoves
Our Soapstone Cookstove is a bakeoven with a stove top cooker power by fire. When you wish to prepare delicious oven-baked dishes and pastries or when you want to surprise your guests with a special recipe, the excellent baking characteristics of soapstone cookstoves help turn your dishes into culinary delights. Inside the bakeoven section of the cookstove, the humidity stays high, so your food is baked evenly and does not tend to dry out as in a traditional convection oven.
04 - Wood-fired Bake Ovens
Combine quality and affordability with your own wood-fired oven. A wood-fired bake oven can add flavor to any back yard and infuse an ordinary meal with old-world Mediterranean texture and taste. Whatever your space or budget, we can suit your needs. Food baked in a wood-fired bake oven is unique and delightful. Whether it’s a 2-minute pizza, a holiday turkey or a pot of baked beans, you will be the envy of the neighborhood.
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