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Soapstone fireplaces, bakeovens and cookstoves leverage the unique thermal properties of soapstone to generate healthy radiant heat.

Natural soapstone also adds individuality, genuineness and dignity to any environment. As an interior decoration material, it represents a unique combination of practicality, aesthetics and durability. Natural soapstone is also a simple, trouble free solution when you entrust the design work to our skilled professionals from the very first design phase.

Tulikivi Soapstone Products

Tulikivi is a manufacturer of carefully crafted high-quality:

  • soapstone fireplaces
  • fireplace bakeovens
  • customize fireplaces
  • woodstoves, and
  • sauna stoves

Tulikivi is where modern technology meets ancient invention - fire and the best traditions of stone masonry.

They continuously strive to make their fireplaces even more attractive, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Stone Comfort is an authorized Tulikivi dealer and installation expert. We offer the complete line of Tulikivi fireplaces, bakeovens and cookstoves, and other architectural soapstone products. We use genuine, highly valued natural stone to make anything from sauna floor surfaces to bathroom walls.

Customizing Your Fireplace

Stone Comfort gives you the freedom to choose and the opportunity to express your personality through the choices you make. Our Tulikivi soapstone fireplace product line is extensive, but if you fail to find your ideal fireplace among our standard models, we also provide custom-made fireplaces tailored to meet your specific needs and wishes. Soapstone shelf add-on to fireplacesThe fireplace of your dreams can be a variation on one of our standard models, or it can be based on a completely new design manufactured on the basis of your sketches and ideas. Even with our custom-made services, we do not compromise the demands of clean combustion or proper heating of your living space.

You can also vary your chosen soapstone fireplace theme by adding on stylish tiles and hearths and by selecting different surface treatments, sandblasting techniques or intarsia inlays. You can also accentuate the unique appearance of your soapstone fireplace by placing benches, shelves or decorations around the fireplace or by selecting floor or wall tiling to complement it.

For more information, request a catalog, contact us or visit our showroom.

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